Who We Are.

Like all good stories, ours started with a cup of coffee…which turned into a cart of coffee…which turned into an experiential marketing company. Pretty standard really.

With a knack for events and making things happen, Felicity Young launched Loco Group in 2014. Her first passion project was a humble coffee cart at events, then a trigger team of staff, then boutique and niche event assets. When it came time to grow, pulling all this into one company was a no-brainer.

Loco Group now manages and creates hundreds of events each year.  Ranging from small two-staff events to full weekends needing 20 staff a day. To be honest, if you have ever been to an AFL match, the AO, music festival, concert, cycling or golf events you have probably seen us. We are everywhere all the time and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Loco Group is predominately an experiential marketing company, but we really are a go-to for anything our clients need. Guided by our “all frills, no fuss” mantra, Loco Group always puts the client first, which is why they keep coming back for more. Felicity and her team don’t just make the impossible happen—they have fun doing it, too.

Loco Group is a proud supporter of Artist For Kid’s Culture

Felicity Young

Creative, Ringmaster

Blair Reid

General Manager


Office Dog

Team Photo

Team Photo