What We Do.

We create then activate

Our specialty is behaviour change, but our passion is creating one-of-kind activations that break through the clutter.

We listen to what you’re after, then put the Loco flair on it. We are finely attuned with current and upcoming trends to keep your brand and message on point every time. Whether you need help developing a full concept or just adding colour to an existing idea, we always find a fun and quirky way to bring it to life.

We manage the logistics, collateral, staff & merchandise so clients are freed up to do what they do best. We skilfully create and source merchandise to suit each event, your key market won’t be getting just another sticker from us. Our carefully curated activation teams are trained for each client. Not just a promo team flinging products at people, but specialised brand ambassadors that know your message inside and out, ensuring meaningful conversations that attendees will not forget.